February 19, 2013

COLUMBIA, MD., Feb. 19, 2013 – IndiSoft, a global technology development firm that provides collaborative, real-time workflow solutions customized for the entire financial services industry, announced today that Atlanta-based CredAbility, a national nonprofit credit counseling organization, has selected its RxOffice® Premium Counselor portal for its comprehensive case management options and recently enhanced document management suite.

"Nonprofit housing counselors have been an integral part of bridging the communication gap between consumers and mortgage companies," said Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, CEO and founder of IndiSoft. "To best meet the needs of homeowners, counselors need technology to efficiently manage their efforts as well as remain compliant with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. RxOffice Premium Counselor portal enables counselors to easily manage the homeowners’ documents, automate the receipt of fax or scanned documents and use the latest in optical character recognition technology (OCR)." The platform allows document specialists to generate detailed information needed by servicers, such as paystubs and 4506-T forms. Now CredAbility has access to the portal’s missing document functionality that allows users to quickly generate, email or mail customized followup communications with homeowners to accelerate the process.

"Everyday we work with homeowners to collect and submit the important documents needed by mortgage companies to determine if their home can be saved from foreclosure," said Mark Cole, executive vice president for CredAbility. "IndiSoft's portal has helped us streamline this process, getting the documents to the mortgage companies faster and increasing the odds that more individuals and families will be able to stay in their homes, partly because of the portal’s seamless and transparent bi-directional synchrominzation with HOPE LoanPort®."