In 20 years, our agency has used two CMS systems that were both deficient. They didn’t fill every need a HUD certified housing counselor had in order to do our work efficiently and with the ability of capturing all the data needed for tracking or reporting. Our HUD intermediary introduced us to Rx, and we were amazed. Not only does it capture all the data, but it has the functionality to do even more providing a better experience for both the client and counselor. Rx is so user friendly and efficient. In a staff meeting one of our counselors asked if they could say something and she blurted out loudly, “I LOVE Rx!”

Thank you RX for creating this valuable tool. It makes our lives so much easier.

Sylvia A. Alvarez
Executive Director

Housing & Education Alliance

I can’t say enough great things about Hans, Cam and the entire IndiSoft team. We worked very closely together to develop and enhance our site to provide national and local sources of assistance for homeowners under financial stress, customized to the location and situation of the homeowner.

The IndiSoft team provided everything we needed, from website design services to a smooth, functional back end that makes a very complicated logic and filtering exercise fully seamless to the user. They were responsive to every request, and came in on time and on budget. I could not be happier with the results.

Karen Tankersley

Finance of America Foundation

We applaud IndiSoft for creating such a sustainable loss management system. We have full confidence that regardless of the increase in defaults and claims we will be able to easily scale and will only have to incrementally increase resources.

Radian’s EVP of Servicing Operations


Home Means Nevada, Inc. has worked with IndiSoft since 2017 as part of implementing the Foreclosure Mediation Portal in the State of Nevada. IndiSoft has always been extremely responsive, professional, and most of all, the technology platforms that they create and support are functional and effective.

As a result of the events related to the COVID-19 public health emergency, Home Means Nevada, Inc., has worked with IndiSoft to create and implement The Homeowner Connect and The Renter Connect. The speed and competency at which these platforms were brought together and made functional by IndiSoft is something that Home Means Nevada, Inc. has been greatly appreciative of. Home Means Nevada, Inc. is confident that with the assistance of IndiSoft, we will be able to assist the citizens of Nevada on issues relating to home retention and rental assistance programs.

Shannon M. Chambers

Home Means Nevada, Inc.

IndiSoft has proven to be a great technology partner. IndiSoft Team is an integral part of our development and support services. They continue to deliver no matter the challenge or ask. We look forward to a long working relationship with them.

Zohra Kamal
Vice President

Trimont Real Estate Advisors, Information Management

IndiSoft has been very helpful in upgrading our in-house developed software and is now working with us to provide software development on a regular basis. Their developers are quick to learn existing software, eager to share new ideas and technologies and have been able to manage multiple projects with ease and professionalism.

Susan Michalewicz
Software Development Manager

FirstCity Servicing, LLC

At Navigant, we have been using MortgageRx for loan testing projects related to mortgage compliance. MortgageRx's automated imaged workflow, efficacy in uploading and presenting full support / substantiation for all "pass" and "exceptions", inbuilt exception clearing process, as well as role-based capabilities make compliance testing efficient, cost effective and easy to share results with regulators and external third parties

Paul Noring
Managing Director & Financial Risk Management Services Leader

Navigant Consulting, Inc.