About Us

Established in 2005, IndiSoft has rapidly grown to become one of the world's leading Software Development Companies. Our award winning array of professional services includes everything from basic software consulting, to complex software design, development, testing and deployment. Having multiple offices - with real people - both in the USA and abroad means IndiSoft has all the knowledge, talent and skill to accomplish anything your project might require, all at a fraction of the cost of virtually any competitor. IndiSoft has grown from a single employee to well over 100, with multiple global locations. Our growth is due to not only providing outstanding service and quality at affordable prices, but also consistently exceeding the expectations of our many clients

At IndiSoft, we take time to insure the quality of our deliverables. We don't believe in second chances. We just make it right at the first time! We believe those who win will take a fundamentally different approach to business - one that is both dynamic and connected - where business models, brands, systems and processes are fully integrated across the organization.

Our vision is to help business make these connections by demonstrating innovative methods to bring speed, connectivity and efficiency in every aspect of the enterprise.


IndiSoft named among the Fast 50 Asian American business 2013

IndiSoft named among the Top 100 Diversity Owned business in Maryland

IndiSoft named among SmartCEO Magazine's 2013 Baltimore Future 50 Companies

IndiSoft wins the Progress in Lending Innovation Award


IndiSoft LLC recruits the best talent with advanced degrees in engineering, science, graphic design and management as well as strong relationship management skills. We heavily rely on our pool of intelligent and highly technical staff having both functional and technical knowledge to offer domain expertise. Our engineers understand the importance of fulfilling business requirements and achieving high-quality results without compromising creativity and technology. It's a known fact - the employee who performs best is the one who is motivated. Through ongoing, open dialogue and clear target agreements, we define the best environment for our people to work independently. Because we are as passionate about our employees as we are about our mission.